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  1. Why Did HaShem Give Us Commandments
  2. Mixing Wool and Linen
  3. Kosher
  4. Immersion
  5. Circumcision
  6. 613 Commandments (list)
To Sanctify
There is really only one reason for HaShem giving us His Commandments. Outside of that, there may be benefits for obedience that are obvious and may be benefits which are not obvious or there may not be a benefit at all for some of the commandments.

Regardless, the reason for the commandments of HaShem is to "SANCTIFY US" The word "sanctify" means to set apart as special for a purpose. When HaShem gives the command He is offering us the opportunity to walk in his path instead of our own.

HaShem did not command us to understand why He gave the commandments, He just asked us to obey.

I can often give benefits for observance of HaShem's commandments, but the greatest benefit of all is that we are walking on His path instead of our own.
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Wool and Linen
L.M. asked “can you tell me why it was not lawful to mix linen and wool????!!!!”

For the reason see "To Sanctify" above.

The commandment regarding mixing of linen and wool in fabrics has a benefit in that wool has higher tensile strength than linen which is made of plant fibers. Wool cuts linen and thereby decreases the length of wear-ability of the garment when mixed in the same fabric.

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