Torah: Lev 26:3-27:34; Haftorah: Jer 16:19-17:14

Be-chukkotai means "in my statutes". It comes from the root chakak which means
  I. "to engrave, inscribe"
 II. "Portray"
III. "legislator."

Blessings are promised to those who "In my statutes walk, and my commandments keep, and do them". This is in opposition to the instruction that if you break my commandment (eat of the fruit of the tree, Gen. 2) you will die. Since the Satan is always trying to help us sin, G-d provided incentive to obey. --

The blessings promised are as follows:
· Rain in due season
· land to yield her produce
· trees shall yield its fruit
· threshing shall overtake vintage
· vintage shall overtake sowing
· eat your bread till you’ve had enough
· live in your land securely
· peace in your land
· you will rest and none make you afraid
· evil beasts to cease out of the land
· no war in your land
· your enemies will fall before you
· five of you will pursue a hundred
· a hundred of you will pursue a miriad
· I will turn My face toward you
· make you fruitful and multiply you
· establish My covenant with you
· you shall eat very old provision
· clear away the old because of the new
· I will tabernacle within you
· My soul shall not loathe you
· I will walk always within you
· I will be your G-d and you will be my people
· I am HaShem who brought you out of Egypt
· I will break the bars of your yoke and cause you to stand erect.

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