Torah: Be-Midbar, Num 1:1-4:20; Haftorah: Hos 2:1-22
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Vie-dabeyr Adonai el-Moshe be-midbar Sinie. "And the word of the Lord to Moses in the wilderness of Sinai". It seems that when we hear from the L-rd it is in the "wilderness", away from others and distractions. To hear from the L-rd requires solitude. It is also a lonely journey for most who make the trip. The closer you get to the L-rd the fewer human companions one seems to have.

The names of the twelve men who would "stand with" Moshe (Moses, meaning "drawn out") has spiritual significance for us today.

To be called a son of someone indicates you have their traits, or character. The tribe indicates the overall nature of a person. Those who are "drawn out" should have these twelve "Shamashim" (servants) standing with them as well. How do we fulfill our role from this list toward Yeshua, our Moshiach?

Numbers 1:16 These were the renowned of the congregation, princes of the tribes of their fathers, heads of thousands in Israel.

Notice that these were captains of thousands, not common people. Each was fulfilling the place of responsibility as a general in the army of the L-rd.

Tribe                       Name                          Son of 
Ruben, "see a son"          Elitzur "G-d of the Rock"     Shedeyur "spreader of light"
Simeon "hear or listen"     Shelumiel "peace of G-d"      Tzurishaddi "Rock of the Almighty"
Judah "celebrate or praise" Nahshon "enchanter"           Amminadab "people of liberty"
Issachar "bring a reward"   Nethaneel "gift of G-d"       Zuar "small"
Zebulun "habitation"        Eliab "G-d of his father"     Chelon "strong"
Joseph "increase"
  Ephriam "double fruit"    Elishmah "G-d who listens"    Ammihud "People of splendor"
  Manesseh "causto forget"  Gamaliel "reward of G-d"      Pedahzur "a rock has ransomed"
Benjamin "son of strength"  Abidan "father of judgement"  Gideoni "warlike"
Dan "judge"                 Achiezer "brother of help"    Ammishaddai "people of the Almighty"
Asher "happy"               Pagiel "accident of G-d"      Ocran "muddler"
Gad "to attack"             Eliasaph "G-d is gatherer"    Deuel "known of G-d"
Naphtali "my wrestling"     Achira "brother of wrong"     Enan "having eyes" 

Haftorah: Hosea 2:1-23

HaShem is jealous over His bride, Israel. Because she has followed after other gods and said they were providing the good things Israel received, He will strip away the blessings He has provided.

It is not doctors and medication which heals us, but G-d. We may gain some temporary relief from medication, but even this is a blessing of HaShem.

It is not the gods of luck, good fortune, accident or technology that bless us. If we will acknowledge the blessings of HaShem, attributing them to Him, we will be restored to the fullness of His blessings and we will enter fully into His covenant.

It is His desire that we prosper, but He is not willing to share the honor and glory. Baruch HaShem!

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