By Rabbi David Markel Hall

 Ki-Tisa When you take a census.
G-d commanded us not to count the heads of the people. The items taken in by the temple would be counted instead. Originally, census was taken by the king when preparing for war. Doing so was tantamount to saying, we will win this battle by our own strength instead of counting on HaShem. Using a "half shekel" infers that we are not complete unless joining with others. This is also in support of the verse that says, "Do not forsake assembling ourselves together." (Hebrews 10:25) It is important to come together to worship HaShem.

  Kiyor n’choshet, make a "copper laver".
Its purpose was for washing. The washing was not for the purpose of cleaning. It was to sanctify the priest. Obedience to commands is what sanctifies (set aside as special). If we do not obey we are not sanctified. At the same time, the washing was to show the clean state of the person in coming before HaShem to serve Him. Does this mean that it is not necessary to bathe to please the L-rd? Of course not. Yeshua our Messiah set the example for us when he washed the feet of his talmidim. John 13:10 "He that is washed need not except to wash his feet, but is clean all over;…." This was meant both metaphorically and literally. He was using a literal example to make a spiritual point.

  Kach-L’kha b’samayim rosh Take to yourself the best spices. Anointing oil was made from these choicest of spices. This oil was very fragrant with sweet smells of cinnamon, murr and olive oil. It was used to anoint the vessels in the temple, the priesthood, and later the kings of the Davidic dynasty. Sweet smells are important to HaShem.

  Et-Shab’totiy t’sham’ru "Et-my-Sabbaths you shall keep

  ki ot hiv because it is a sign between me and you for your generations, to know that I am HaShem, who makes you holy." G-d intends for us to "shamar" ("guard", "keep watch", "protect") His Sabbath.

l’dorotaychem  It is a sign between He and us throughout our generations or forever.

For us as Jews, the command to kee the Sabbath is a perpetual sign and is never to end. If we choose not to keep it we are throwing away the indicator that we are His chosen people.

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