Shelach l’cha enoshim, My¾¥s¦n£a ¿K«l-H¡l¾«s means "send for yourself men". The reason, "to spy out the land of Kena’an, which I give to the children of Israel." The L-rd was testing them to see if they could trust Him to give them the land He promised their fathers.
     The spies went forth and brought back a report that was breathtaking. They carried back grape clusters that took two men to carry on a pole between them. However, the negative reports were there as well, saying, "We were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight."
     Here are the names of the twelve who went in to spy out the land.
Name        meaning             father     meaning

Shammua     renowned            Zakkur     mindful
Shaphat     judge               Choriy     cave dweller
* Kalev     guard/attack        Yefunneh   prepared
Yig’al      avenger             Yosef      increase
* Hoshea    deliverer, Yeshua   Nun        perpetual
Palti       delivered           Rafu       cured
Gaddi’el    fortune of G-d      Sodi       confident
Gaddi       fortune             Susi       horse-like
Ammi’el     people of G-d       Gemalli    camel-driver
Setur       hidden              Milka’el   Who is like G-d?
Nachbi      secret/occult       Vofsi      additional
Ge’u’el     majesty of G-d      Makhi      pining
     Upon hearing the report of the spies, the children of Israel wept loudly. Only Hoshea (Joshua) and Kalev (Caleb) said the land can be taken with G-d’s help. The other spies said, "The people are too strong for us." HaShem said "you are right."
     HaShem became angry with Israel and said that none of them which live (except Hoshea and Kalev) will enter the promised land. Then the people changed their minds and tried to cross over into Canaan. HaShem departed from them and the Canaanites fought them back and destroyed them.
     HaShem then led the children of Israel around in the wilderness for forty years while He weakened their enemies. When they finally came to the promised land, there were not only fewer giants, there were also not as many blessings, such as huge grape clusters, etc.. Additionally, HaShem made them fight their own battles to gain the land.
     We should take a lesson from this. G-d gave us the Sabbath and His commandments to bless us. When we choose not to enter into the covenant, we are only hurting ourselves. We think we can earn more money if we will work on Shabbat. He said we will be cut off from among our people if we work on Shabbat. We think we will have more money to spend if we steal His tithes and offerings. He said bring me the tithe and offerings and the destroyer will be removed from us.

HAFTORAH Joshua 2:1-24
     Here we see the continuing saga of Israel’s journey into her Promised Land. How much effort the enemy uses to prevent our journey. When the king sent to capture the two spies that were sent in by Yehoshua a prostitute protected them from harm. Her name was Rahab. Her only request was that when Israel took Kanaan that her and her household would be spared. She signaled the soldiers her whereabouts by tying a scarlet cord to the window that was used to help the scouts escape. Spiritually, this is an admission of guilt. “Though your sins be as scarlet they shall be white as snow.”

Did you ever notice that the further people are from truth,
the more they consider someone who turns away from evil to be a fool?
When there is no truth in the world, anyone who wants
to turn away from evil has no choice but to play the fool.
From The Empty Chair by Rebbe Nachman of Breslov

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