By, Rabbi David Markel Hall
Torah: Ex 6:2-9:35, Haftorah: Ezek 28:25-29:21 
"And I appeared unto Abraham, unto Isaac, and unto Jacob, by the name of ‘El Shaddai’ (G-d Almighty), but by my name ‘YHVH’ (I AM) I was not known to them." Exodus 6:3

Va-Era, and I appeared. G-d appeared to Avraham, Y'tzchak and Ya'akov and was known to them as El Shaddi (G-d self sufficient or Almighty). He went on to say that they did not know Him as YHVH. Considering G-d is above and we are below, looking up into the letters, the shin is closed on the bottom and yud is elevated, not reaching down to us. Dalet is bent over as in worship. This is indicative of the nature of G-d toward mankind, to this point in time. He was exalted and worshipped but unreachable and mysterious to man.

  He told Moshe ani  YHVH (I WAS, AM and WILL BE). This reveals another aspect of His attributes toward Mankind. He opened knowledge of His nature and Kingdom, as demonstrated by the two hays, which are open on the bottom, and the vav which reaches down to us. The vav represents Yeshua coming to us from heaven.

Yeshua contains the Yod which does not reach down, the Shin which is closed on the bottom and appears to be worshipping with hands reaching upward, and vav u which reaches down to us. The Ayin has what looks like two vavs attached at the bottom. I see in the Ayin His second coming, increased in power, as King and Priest of the whole world.

YHVH is from a root  y'hi which means "to be" or "become". It is difficult to translate because of the conceptual nature of Hebrew. In Genesis 1:3 "… and there was light.", the word y'he "was" is from the same root as YHVH. Effectively, G-d is now pointing out His nature toward mankind. The beginning of this revelation is evidenced by signs and wonders. On the mountain, when G-d first brought to light this name, He caused a bush to burn without being consumed, and changed Moshe’s rod into a serpent.

In Mitzrayim (Egypt), powerful plagues were predicted by Moshe. Amos 3:7 "Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he reveals his secret unto His servants the prophets."

Par'o’s (Pharaoh’s) heart was hardened by G-d. This caused the power of G-d to be demonstrated. Opposition causes the true nature of beings to be displayed openly. This is why mankind has to deal with haSatan. Through Satan our desire and nature are tested, to see if we will choose G-d over all obstacles.

Egyptians had gods for everything. They worshipped fish, frogs, animals and everything else imaginable. G-d was showing proof that He is in control of all the elements and that there is no need for any other gods. Here is a list of the miracles G-d did in Egypt.

• Rod to a serpent          • Plague of flies 
• Plague of locusts         • Water to blood 
• Death of the animals      • Plague of darkness 
• Plague of frogs           • Plague of boils 
• Death of the firstborn    • Plague of lice 
• Hail, rain and lightening • Parting the Red Sea
He also provided protection for Israel through the last six plagues and a pillar of fire and a cloud to lead them out of Egypt. The L-rd caches our attention through the supernatural as well. Every time we see or hear of a healing or miracle, our faith is increased. Truly He is the G-d who controls the elements and makes Himself known to man. With YHVH for our G-d, who needs another? 
Oh that men would praise the LORD for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men! Psalms 107:8 
Stand on the promises of G-d. Quit sitting on the premises.

Author unknown.

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