Zion Regional Office

in Christchurch New Zealand

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Our Current Information

Meeting Address:

The Shirley Community Centre
Corner of Slater Street & Shriley Road
Christchurch, New Zealand

Shabbat Schedule: Sat. 9am -12 noon

9am -10 am Torah Teaching
10 am -  12 noon  Messianic praise, worship, table of Yeshua, teaching

Contact Information:

Messianic Rabbi Raymond Fabling
Phone: 942-6833
Email: rayfabling@tzion.org

Office Hours:

3pm - 8pm Mon- Fri

Mid week Teaching

7:pm Wed evening at 16 Bidwell Place, Hillmorton, Christchurch.


Torah Reading for the Shabbat, including Haftarah (reading from the
prophets) and the reading from the B'rit Chadashah.

Teaching classes:

Mid week we have been studying the Book of Romans chapter by chapter verse by verse  in ,fact , I have written a teaching maunuel on the Book Of Hebrews.

Our Vision:

Establish a congregation in the Community of Shirley by being a live cellular people with the love of Yeshua and teaching them the truth of the Word of G-d, having them immersed in the Ruach Hakodesh, and making them into Talmidim and inspiring them to reach their full potential in Messiah Yeshua in otherwords equipping them for the work of their G-d given ministry we have a strong commitment to reach the lost for the communtiy by being a congregation of doers not only hearers, children's outreach, marriage counsel, feeding the poor, budgetry advice, alchol and drug abuse parental advice. How are we going to achieve our vision: we have committed beleivers in our congregation with the above gifts and talents.

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