Recommended Movies and Teaching Videos

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 cover The Jazz Singer Is one of our favorite videos to show just before the High Holy Days in the fall. It features Neal Diamond as the son of a famous cantor who has carried the tradition of singing the Kol Nidre prayer every Yom Kippur in his family's synagogue for several generations. He leaves the faith (in the eyes of his father) to marry a gentile and pursue a career as a pop singer. The emotional return to his faith cannot help but touch everyone. Highly Recommended!
 cover A Stranger Among Us is one of the best movies I have found that takes us right into the homes and living environment of the Chasidic movement. If you are wanting to connect with Judaism in a new and exciting way, this movie will do it. Highly Recommended (Parental caution! There is a very short scene with adult language and some violence in this picture.)
 cover The Chosen a nice family movie that will warm your heart and connects with a broad spectrum of Jewish thought. Highly Recommended
 cover Fiddler on the Roof is a classic movie that connects one with Judaism and builds fond memories that the whole family will enjoy. My Highest Recommendation!!!
 cover The Quarrel written and directed by Rabbi Joseph Telushkin, one of my favorite Jewish authors. It is a story about two men who started religious argument about G-d prior to WW2 and after thinking the other had died in Hitler's death-camps, they discover that each is still very much alive. After an initial loving greeting the quarrel resumes. Deals with the extreme limits of Jewish though about G-d and his expressions in this life. Highly Recommended
 cover  Jacob the Liar a story about dealing with the nature of living a Jewish life and having to deal with the world around us. Show some very creative ways of dealing with things that otherwise could throw us off balance.
 cover Schindler's List is a holocaust story about rescuing people from the death camps during WW2. Schindler has become a national hero and has received many honors from Jews around the world. I recommend everyone see this movie at least once. It is recommended that you rent this one before you purchase it. (Parental Caution! Graphic violence.)
 cover The Ten Commandments is a classic family movie. Everyone should own a copy of this for periodic viewing. My Highest Recommendation!!!
 cover Ben-Hur is a classic family movie staring Charlton Heston. Highly Recommended.
 cover Christmas Unwrapped is The History of Christmas, a very different view than one might expect. How long has Christmas been a "tradition" here in the United States? Haven't our fathers celebrated Christmas since Jesus was born? How do we put "Christ" back into Christmas when He never was there to begin with? Was there ever a time when the church rejected its observance?
 cover Hail Caesar, Constantine shows the history of changes made by this Roman Emperor who is claimed to be the first "Christian" emperor of the Roman Empire. However, history reveals that he did not convert to this religion until his deathbed so how can he be called "the first Christian emperor?" Find out more about this deceit than you ever really wanted to know. Highly Recommended
 cover Christianity, the First Two-Thousand Years is an excellent production and shows the time period of concern, 325CE with Constantine and the counsel of Nicea that changed the face of the Christian religion forever. We are tying to change it back. Highly Recommended