Must Have Books

Books in this section are taken from other topics so they will be repeated in other sections.

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cover  Judaism for Dummies ISBN 0-7645-5299-6 - A very simple look at our Jewish heritage and the essentials on how to live a Jewish life. Includes instructions on making Shabbat happen in your home with prayers etc. and observing holy days. Highly Recommended. I think this should be the first book you purchase for your library.
 cover God's Appointed Times By Kasdan ISBN 1-880226-54-5 - An in-depth look at the Holy Days as commanded by G-d and connecting them with our faith as Messianic believers. Highly Recommended.
 cover God's Appointed Customs By Kasdan ISBN 1-880226-63-4 - An in-depth look at the customs and practices of Judaism and connecting them with our faith as Messianic believers. Highly Recommended.
 The Comprehensive Concordance of the Bible: Together With Dictionaries of the Hebrew and Greek Words of the Original, With References to the English

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance ISBN ? - Concordance words are referenced by numbers to the Hebrew and Greek Dictionaries. An indispensable resource for the student that does not read Hebrew or Greek.. Highly Recommended.


Jewish Literacy by Telushkin ISBN 0-688-08506-7 - Very easy to read. Written in chapters of 2 to 3 pages. Discusses key literary works, historical events and early masters of Judaism. An excellent resource. Highly recommended.


Webster's New World Dictionary is the best dictionary choice a new Hebrew student can make in my opinion. Highly Recommended.

 cover     The Jewish Book of Why by Kolatch ISBN 0-8246-0256-0 - There are now several volumes on this very interesting rendering of Jewish life. It answers questions by topic such as, "Why do Jews put a small stone on gravesites?" Highly Recommended.