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Welcome to  ZION Messianic Congregation of Austin, Texas
Exploring the foundations (roots) of faith.
A Synagogue that acknowledges Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah

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Zion Congregation and Yeshiva (Bible School)

Looking for teachings that satisfy the deepest part of your soul?
Want to find that "Old Time Religion" that was good enough for Paul?
Feel like there is "more to it" than you have been taught?
Are you missing the "Power" of believing in God?

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A Messianic Synagogue consisting of Jews and gentiles that express their faith in Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah in a traditional Jewish way.
Teaching the foundations (roots) of faith to a new generation.

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Some of the articles available on this site:

  • Immersion Discusses the differences between baptism or immersion and tevilah (Jewish immersion ritual) Baptism was not invented by Christians. Baptism was carried over into the Christian faith in the new covenant by Messiah Yeshua from our Jewish rituals. Getting back to the roots, foundations or original biblical faith increases our grasp of the meanings of scripture. Is immersion really required for conversion?

  • Law and Grace What is the difference in the perspective of law between the Christian new covenant with Messiah Yeshua and the Jewish? According to the Bible, is a person "under the law" if he or she keeps the Sabbath? What day does the Bible say the Sabbath be on, Saturday or Sunday? What does Shabbat (Sabbath) picture for us? Why do we need Grace? Is the Tanakh (Hebrew scriptures) done away with? These concepts are found in the  roots, foundations or original biblical faith explored at this site.

  • Atonement Exactly what is redemption? Why do we need the redeemer in the new covenant? What role did sacrifice play under biblical Judaism? Is Jesus truly the redeemer? What does the Bible say about atonement? What is the difference between atonement and redemption?

  • Comparing Religions What are the earmarks of true new covenant Faith? How do the Sabbath, Sunday observance, Easter, Christmas, Passover, and the other Jewish Holidays Identify a religion?

  • Conversion How does one convert to Judaism? Do I really have to be circumcised? Is baptism part of the new covenant requirement? Do I have to learn Hebrew and Jewish history? Conversion is a concept that is at the foundation of our faith. This is a very important teaching needed by every seeker of truth.

  • The Eighteen Benedictions What are the eighteen benedictions? Are they really prayed every Sabbath and Holy Day? Are there other times they are used?

  • Gentiles and the Torah Are gentiles who believe in the messiah required to keep the Sabbath, Holy Days, eat kosher and wear Jewish clothing? Is the Torah part of the Bible? Is the Torah the same as the law of Moses?

  • Kosher What is kosher and how does one keep kosher? Does the Bible command us to keep dietary laws or were these added by the rabbis? Your body is the holy temple of God. We need to learn to treat His temple the way He wants it treated.

  • Three Days and Nights How was the messiah three days and nights in the ground from the start of Sabbath (Friday Evening) to "early the first day of the week?" This teaching has rarely been told and is an important key to understanding the Bible.

  • A History of Holidays Where did we get the traditional Christian holidays, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentines Day, New Years Day? Who was the first pope?  Why should we observe G-d's holy days; Passover, Rosh HaShanah and Sukkot? Another connection with the roots, foundations or original biblical faith that is so important to seekers of truth.

  • The Spirit Realm Seminar Examining the supernatural aspects of faith in Yeshua, covering concepts of Zohar and Kabala but from a strictly biblical perspective. Dealing with exorcism, deliverance, demons, curses, angels, casting out demons, changing the supernatural to see effects in the natural. In this course we see how demons and angels truly are the source of natural victory. Demons and angels are true life forces and exorcism can relieve many phobias and other emotional symptoms such as depression. What happens when a person believes in Yeshua as redeemer and messiah? How to exorcise (cast out) demons the easy way. How to take control of the efforts of others to control your thoughts and much more.

  • Zohar or Kabbalah Zohar is from a Hebrew word meaning window or source of light. There are five books of Kabala. Zohar is the most commonly known. It is a mystical commentary on Torah but includes many other references to the rest of the Tanach or Tanakh (Hebrew scriptures, the old part of the Bible). Is Zohar based on the Tanakh? What is Tanakh? Zohar deals with the supernatural realm where angels and demons are greater in number than humans.

  • Talmud information on this site -Talmud chronology shows the timelines of the Talmud contributors. The basicTalmud information page give everyone the opportunity to subscribe to the Talmud discussion list.

  • Noahide Law (laws of righteousness for gentiles) the seven laws for the sons of Noah are among the instructions given in the Brit Chadisha (New Testament) writings of Paul. Typically, Noahide Law is the basis for gentiles who wish to express their faith in the G-d of Abraham without believing in Yeshua the Messiah. there are some who follow Noahide Law that do believe in Yeshua (Jesus) but they are the exception rather than the norm.

  • The TempleWe answer some questions people ask about the holy temple and why colors and materials were used in the temple's construction. These things connect to the roots, foundations of biblical understanding and what HaShem wants for us as His people.

  • Holy Days and Jewish Holidays the schedule of holy days and holidays we observe with Gregorian and Hebrew dates. what is the difference between a "holy day" and a "holiday?"

  • Subscribe to Discussion Lists: Messianic Jewish topics discussions, Mishnah and Talmud discussions, Zohar discussions. In these lists we discuss the issues of roots, foundations or original biblical faith that are so important to us as seekers of truth.